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I grew up in Baxter, MN, and graduated from Brainerd Senior High School in 2003. I received my BA in Studio Art in 2007 from Gustavus Adolphus College. After graduating, I began working for National Camera Exchange, where I furthered my interest and love of photography. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten to work with so many talented people who taught me so much about their Art, and only intensified my desire to continue on with Photography. I have participated in Art fairs, where I have sold prints, cards, handmade jewelry and more. I presently sell these items and vintage clothing on Etsy. I currently work as an Office Manager in St. Peter, MN. I have studied film photography (partially in Florence, Italy at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici) as well as digital, including some medium format work. I am very skilled in photoshop, and currently use CS5 for all my editing. I shoot with Sony products, as well as Tamron and Ziess. I love shooting portrait and macro above all else:)


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